Our History

Calvary Chapel Central Oahu was given birth on July 15, 1990 at the Mililani YMCA. This church is a multiplication from the North Shore Christian Fellowship, the result of six years of outreach Bible Studies in this section of Oahu. We met regularly at Mililani Uka Elementary School on Sunday mornings until May 1995. Our next place of residence was a renovated pre-school located at Waikalani Drive in Waipio Valley. We resided there for 3 years until May 1998.

Today our regular Sunday morning service is held at Mililani High School Cafeteria.

Our stated purpose as a church is to be a body of believers who are having hearts changed by God and turned toward others, to have our lifestyles changed from being disobedient to the wisdom of the just, and to have our destiny changed as few become a people prepared for Jesus’ coming, based on Luke 1:16-17. The key word is change and as we are changed by the power of God we desire that God would use us to change the community. The only way to this kind of change in our lives is through Jesus Christ.